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ann and christian metts:
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We started using Shaklee products because we believed they would work for us. Shaklee products has helped us overcome headaches, back and muscle pain, digestive issues, eczema, fatigue, etc. We also attribute the Shaklee products for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. It's been interesting to see how our bodies feel when we don't take the Shaklee supplements.

We started a Shaklee business because we have seen results in our health and we wanted to help others see results in their health. We want to supply information about Shaklee to others so they can make well thought out decisions about their health.

The Shaklee business has given us freedom to think about our dreams and we now know we can make those dreams come true. It's exciting to see all the possiblities we can have with Shaklee.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about us and Shaklee.

Bless you all,

Ann and Christian Metts